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Body Composition Monitor Analyser India 2019 Fat
July 7, 2017

Body Composition Monitor Analyser India 2019

Body Composition Monitor Analyser India 2019 | Price : 8600.00 | Available On : Amazon

Body Composition Analyzer Price Omron HBF-375

With the rapid changes in lifestyle and the dearth of time for exercise, people tend to gain weight in a relatively small period of time. To tackle the trouble of obesity and keep a tab on your weight levels, here is the Omron HBF-375 Karada Scan Body Fat Analyzer that is a highly functional obesity measuring device. It boasts of an effective weight management plan where it exhibits a progress chart and same age weight comparison to curtail weight gain.

Featuring a full body sensing technology that generates an accurate analysis of the visceral fat level, body fat, body weight, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle percentage and subcutaneous fat percentage, this battery operated fat analyzer comes with a step on analyser function. It is an ideal device for effective weight management since it displays body mass index to indicate the optimum levels of fat according to the dimensions of the body. The Karada Scan Body Fat Analyzer comes with a body fat monitor and 4 memory presets which enable it to store the reading data of up to 90 days and help you track progress in weight loss. Unlike an ordinary weighing scale that simply displays your weight, this body fat analyzer from Omron Karada shows you your BMI, body fat percentage, visceral fat level and so much more so that you can now keep a check on your progress in a better way. The device is compact and lightweight, letting you carry it wherever you go with ease.


Body Composition Monitor Analyser India 2019

Most of these types of scales use bio-electrical impedance. That is to say, they send a safe and very low electrical current through the lower half of the body. Since the electrical current flows more quickly through water and muscle than bone or fat, thescale measures the speed of the current. A scale that tells you how healthy you are; it may sound like magic to some. However, the readings are based on reliable, accurate and proven technology. The body composition scale sends an imperceptible current through your body. This technology is called bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Health management is key to living a normal and balanced life. The Omron Karada Scan HBF-375 Body Fat Analyzer helps to tackle your weight related issues, thus ensuring a healthy life for you. This Omron body composition monitor comes with Full Body Sensing Technology that helps to provide complete and detailed body composition analysis that includes body fat percentage, visceral fat level, skeletal muscle percentage and more.

Body Composition Monitor Analyser India 2019 Features :

  • Step on analyser function
  • Reading displayed are skeletal muscle
  • Pervent fat percent and subcutaneous
  • Memory Support with 4 Memory Presets
  • 1 operation mode and comes with body fat monitor
  • 4 AA batteries and Instruction manual
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase
  • To claim warranty only INVOICE is mandatory, no seller stamp required.
  • If there is any extended warranty, it is applicable as per brand terms.
  • Body Composition Monitor Analyser India 2019
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