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Leg Elevation Pillow Post Surgery India Scientifically Designed
September 18, 2019

Leg Elevation Pillow Post Surgery India

Leg Elevation Pillow Post Surgery India | Price : Rs.3499.00 | Available On : Amazon

JSB Leg Elevator is designed to improve circulation while also decreasing lower back pain by promoting proper spinal alignment. Keeping your legs slightly elevated at night can help to take pressure off your lower back, legs and knees. This supportive leg rest cushion will help elevate your legs at the proper angle.

Durable Pu Foam Material This Leg Rest Cushion Is Scientifically Designed, Made Of High Quality Durable Pu Foam Material That Conforms To The Body’s Shape. Inclined Design The Leg Elevator Cushion Is Designed With An Inclined Design That Keeps Your Effected Swollen Area Comfortably Elevated In An Angle Which Is Optimal For Reducing Swelling.

Ideal For Legs & Back Pain Ideal For Legs And Back Pain This Leg Elevator Cushion Will Give You A Good Night’s Sleep With A Refreshed Morning.

Ideal for patients with leg casts, broken ankles or knees, or those requiring stable elevation to help eliminate swelling. Great for post-trauma or surgical procedures. Pillows typically flatten after a short while and does not keep the leg elevated. Pillows also do not prevent your leg from rolling to the side.

The JSB Leg Elevator is constructed of full foam to elevate and maintain proper knee and lower leg position at a 45° angle. The dense foam prevents compacting and the friction helps keep the leg elevator from sliding off the bed and helps keep your leg from sliding off.

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Elevating the leg is a simple yet very effective way to reduce a variety of ailments. It can relieve swelling, reduce edema and even reduce pain. And while it’s easy to just prop your leg on a pillow or a rolled towel, support to the different ligaments, muscles and tissues of the leg should be maintained which is why therapists and experts recommend the use of leg rest cushions to effectively elevate the leg, feet and knee.

If you constantly suffer from back pain, hip, knee or leg pain then you might need an elevating leg rest pillow. The JSB Leg Rest Pu Foam Pillow is an 8-inch wedge-type pillow that may be used for sleeping, relaxing, reading or meditating. You will benefit from using this wedge pillow because it will elevate your legs to reduce pain and swelling.

It is made from durable and efficient memory foam. It will retain its shape and form even when you use this daily. Because it is a large cushion, you can elevate both your legs. Using this daily will reduce leg pain when you wake up, will reduce pressure, reduces restless leg syndrome, phlebitis, and varicose veins.

Leg Elevation Pillow Post Surgery India Features

  • Leg Elevator for Improving Blood Circulation Thus avoiding Swelling in Legs
  • And Relaxes the Spinal Cord to Ease Back Pain while Sleeping
  • Leg Rest Cushion which is scientifically designed
  • Made of high quality durable PU foam material that conforms to the body’s shape
  • The Leg Elevator Cushion is designed with an inclined design
  • That keeps your effected swollen area comfortably
  • Rlevated in an angle which is optimal for reducing swelling
  • Highly Recommened for Patients of Varicose Veins
  • Idiopathic Oedema, Post Surgical Edima
  • Ideal for swelling in lower legs during Pregnancy
  • Dimensions : 30″ X 24″ X 7.25″. Weight : 6 Kgs. (approx.)
  • With Washable Cover ; Can Also be used as a Bed Wedge
  • Leg Elevator For Improving Blood Circulation Jsb Bs33 India
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