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  • The maximum weight capacity of this machine is 100kgs
  • And it offers 8 levels of magnetic resistance for any level of fitness.
  • The handrest and the footrest are comfortable and do not let you strain during the workout.
  • The hand rest also comes with a hand pulse.
  • The handle can be moved in a position that one feels most comfortable.
  • The footrest is non-slip which offers stability to the trainer.
  • This does not let the trainer tip-off or feel wobble when riding
  • The equipment has a large LCD which lets you track your calorie loss, speed, distance travelled, time and heart rate.
  • Its transportation wheel makes it easy to move the equipment at home from one spot to another.
  • On the purchase of this cross trainer enjoy 1 year of JSB National Warranty.
  • Stationary Exercise Bike Calories Burned


Stationary Exercise Bike Calories Burned – JSB HF148

One of the most stressful situations is when you are unable to bring down your weight. No matter how much the diet is changed or workout you do, there are chances you may find it hard to shed weight. Housemakers, working professionals, and even young age group people witness an increase in weight. Read more about Stationary Exercise Bike Calories Burned.

If you fall into this group, then you must invest in a cardio cycle. This cycle will help you to bring down fat and weight. The JSB HF148 fitness bike is finely designed for a smooth cycling experience. One of the major problems people face is the lack of push to workout. This further leads to health issues and an increase in body weight. This bike for a home workout for slimming weight loss is designed for women and men to fight obesity. Older people with heavyweight do not prefer joining the gym. So getting a home magnetic-smooth cycle is the best solution.

You can perfect cardio anytime when you feel doing it. Be it in the morning, afternoon, or evening, performing cycling is necessary. Having a compact and space-saving design, the JSB HF 146 allows a complete weight loss solution. If you want to invest in something valuable for a healthy lifestyle, then a foldable fitness bike from JSB is perfect.


The JSB HF146 is the perfect solution for those who are facing issues on weight loss. Equipped with modern features including 8-level magnetic tension controller and heart rate sensor, the cardio bike gives perfect solution to have a healthy lifestyle. Some of the solution it offers for users’ are-

  • Fat loss-

Cardio workout are perfect to bring down fat from your body. Cardio workout like cycling by using the automated fitness bike is the perfect device to loose immense fat. Whether you are doing it in the morning, afternoon or in the evening, the cardio work can be very effective.

  • Burning Calories-

Burning of calories is another way to lose weight. The more you work out using the fitness bike, the more you burn calories. Therefore, the best solution is to do at least 1/2 hour of cardio on fitness bike for calories burning.

  • Increases Blood Circulation

Regular cardio workout on fitness bike not only helps to shed fat, but also increases blood circulation. This blood circulation can help for proper body function.

  • Indoor Workout

If you like doing indoor workout, then the best you can do is invest on cardio max JSB HF148 fitness bike. Since it takes less space, you can place it anywhere at home and start doing it. Indoor workout is perfect for homemakers and elderly people.

Features – Stationary Exercise Bike Calories Burned

What makes Cardio Max JSB HF148 fitness bike exercise cycle different from other home bike is features it comes with. These features makes cycling fun and result-oriented. Some of the features of JSB HF 148 are mentioned below-

  • Magnetic-Smooth Cycling-

This is the big feature and difference from manual cycles, where you need to put extra pressure on the body during activity. Extra pressure can lead to injury in different areas of the body, especially thighs. The magnetic cycle from JSB consists of magnetic wheel in the centre ensuring smooth cycling.

  • Complete lower body workout

The main aim of this fitness cycle is to cover lower body and bring down the fat from the area. It further strengthen muscles and challenge the area.

  • Space saving machine-

This fitness exercise cycle gym JSB HF 148 is space saving and foldable. Compared to heavy treadmills, which cover most of the area, the fitness cycle is foldable to store it any space. You can do it either at the lawn, garden or house.

  • The backseat area allows your back to rest while cycling by holding the handle. If you have troubled back and need support, then back support cushion is important.
  • The height adjustment knob allows you to adjust the height according to your comfort level.
  • The anti-slip pedal allows you to keep cycling without stopping mid-way.
  • If you like listening to song or talk while cycling then holder for mobile is the space to use.
  • The LCD display offers accurate timing, distance, speed and total distance covered.
  • You can even track your heartbeat with calorie burn count on the cycle
  • The cycle has 8-resistance level to increase the intensity as your gain strength.
  • Perfect for women and men to fight obesity
  • Comes with 1 yr. JSB national warranty
  • You will also get a chargeable visit for installation of the cycle.

Conclusion – Stationary Exercise Bike Calories Burned

The JSB HF 146 is the perfect device you can have for your indoor workout to shed fat from your body. A weight loss product, the fitness cycle equipped with multiple feature can make the cycling engaging. Suitable for all ages and space saving urban homes, the cycle can be your accurate witness regime device. Comes with 1yr warranty, the JSB brand maintains the quality of product.

Having more than 30 yrs. of experience and earning ISO 9001-2008 certification, you are guaranteed that you get the best product. Every product including this fitness bike undergoes rigorous training before put on the sale. If you want weight loss, workout at home and get slimming weight loss, then get this unisex cycling bike at the best price. So this concludes the topic for Stationary Exercise Bike Calories Burned.